Sensuality. Intimacy. Sexuality.
Liberating. Healing. Moving.


Pleasurama is
not a sex party.

It’s a space where you’re invited to liberate yourself and celebrate the elements of ecstasy. Come with your dreams and fantasies and overcome your fears. Immerse yourself in a sensual-erotic playground and unleash your desire.

So come by and
feel your pleasure.

A research space for conscious
intimacy, sensuality, and sexuality
A playful experimental field.
A celebration of healing and inspiration.


Sensing, dancing, being here,
the seduction is sincere,
music’s pulse, your senses clear,
room is filled, time disappears.

In this space of ecstasy,
moments blend in harmony,
laughter echoes, souls set free,
embraced by love’s sweet melody.

Just arrived and yet begun,
lost in fantasies and fun,
crying, singing, dreams are spun,
hearts are open, spirits one.

In this space, we’re free to play,
Lost in joy, we find our way.



Insights: Pleasurama was a regulary event in Cologne – held in a house with 5 different areas and at least 40-50 participants. It was a mixture of a 2h workshop and free space during the night. Let’s see where it will flow this time.

Location: Cristaland, Algarve, Portugal

Date: 27th of April – 18 – 21:00

Dress: Most important: comfortable. Sexy, kinky, fancy dress welcome. Workaday clothes are not forbiden, but not serviceable.

Price: Choose between 25 – 45€

Registration: At least contact me with dm on +49 1577 4409002! No entry without confirmation. If you pay before, your place will be safe. Depending on the room, the space is limited.

Good to have: blanket for the ground, towel for massage

P.S: This event is always drug free! No alcohol, no smoke or other substances!


Great space, super flow, lovely people! Would love to do it again!

– Matti M.

What can I say? Just awesome!

– Joanna S.

I'm generally a bit of a shy person, but the workshop leader, with his playful manner and icebreakers at the beginning of the evening, managed to dispel my fears. I had a lot of fun with you all. Thank you!

– Tina P.